Action on Climate Emergency

What is ACE Monmouth?

ACE is a community group responding to the challenge of climate change by bringing people in the Monmouth community together through events, workshops, festivals, projects, initiatives and collaboration.

Through its activities, ACE shares information and works with individuals and other local groups on initiatives that will help people make a positive change to their lives and, hopefully, to all of our futures.
Funded as a Monmouth Town Council Partnership, this not-for-profit organisation has its own constitution and is a managed by local residents as volunteers.
Everyone is welcome to join in. There are lots of exciting initiatives underway and planned and many opportunities for people to participate – even if only in the smallest of ways. If you have an idea for a project then please do get in touch.

Beictown 2021 vintage cycle ride

ACE Projects

Most ACE initiatives fall under six themes which provide a good framework to respond to the multi-facetted challenge of climate change. Some initiatives span more than one theme, see here


being mindful and efficient


moving beyond fossil fuels


boosting biodiversity and carbon capture


making informed choices


reducing landfill


power to the people

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ACE Events

ACE loves bringing people together and watching the magic happen. Through events we share knowledge, seek solutions and help each other feel positive about the changes that need to happen. Please come along to any ACE events that take your fancy. Or suggest an event you think would be great to add to the full calendar here.

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ACE Highlights

ACE was started in 2019 and has been busy since. Here are some of the initiatives the community has enjoyed.

ACE Monmouth

A Town Council Partnership

Monmouth Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019, and in response ACE Monmouth was set up as a working group of the Town Council. It attracted a large and enthusiastic group of local residents, and the ACE community group was formed. It has now entered into a partnership agreement with the Town Council which has committed to provide funding for this community group up until April 2025.

ACE has an agreed Action Plan with Monmouth Town Council that outlines a series of activities to be undertaken by both ACE and the Town Council itself.
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