Action on Climate Emergency

Reducing the impact of climate change in Monmouth

How We Started

Monmouth Town Council

In response to Monmouth Town Council declaring a Climate Emergency, ACE Monmouth was set up in May 2019 with support from the Town Council. It attracted a large and enthusiastic group of local residents to take Action on the Climate Emergency - us! We have now entered a partnership agreement with the Town Council and they are generously providing us with funds over the next three years.

Who We Are

ACE Monmouth is a Community Group with a constitution. We are a not-for-profit organisation and all our members provide their time and effort free of charge. 

We are all Monmouth residents who want action to avert the consequences of climate change and reduce Monmouth’s carbon footprint.  Please come and join us!  There is much to do, and many opportunities for you to participate. 

Open to all residents of any age from Monmouth and surrounding areas.  Please complete the get involved form and tell us what you would like to be involved with. 

Our Projects

At the first public meeting of Action on Climate Emergency Monmouth we had a brain storming session to collect ideas on how residents would like to make a difference. 

From these ideas we selected four – Green Spaces, Bike Friendly Monmouth, a Climate Future Festival, and a Repair Cafe.  Each of these projects has spawned further initiatives – find out more below.

meadow tree

Our Green Spaces

Local green spaces create opportunities to plant more trees and wildflowers. Since climate change has had a severe impact on biodiversity we want to protect the wildlife that share our environment.


Bike Friendly Monmouth

The aim of this project is to promote and enable cycling as a first choice for short journeys. And to encourage more people to enjoy the opportunities of cycling in the Wye Valley and surroundings.

cotton reels

Repair Cafe

At the Monmouth Repair Cafe volunteers fix household items for free in order to reduce waste, teach skills and bring the community together – repairing items such as toasters, kettles, vacuum cleaners, jeans, bags, shirts, toys, ornaments and bikes.

earth from space

Climate Future Festival

A festival first held in September 2021 to inform and encourage residents on the impact of climate change and the many ways that they can reduce their carbon footprint.