Active Travel Group

Reducing the over reliance on personal motor vehicles

What is Active Travel?

Active travel is about making journeys by physically active means – walking, wheeling or cycling – as opposed to sedentary travel in a personal motor vehicle

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 aims to reduce reliance on personal motor vehicles and requires Local Authorities to continuously improve routes and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists

Why is Active Travel Important?

It is good for your health, does not pollute the air that you breathe, and reduces your carbon footprint.  It is also good for local business

Cycle Racks Bee Festival
Monmouth Beictown

What is the Monmouth Town Council Active Travel Group?

This Group of Councillors, local residents and transport specialists, aims to facilitate, stimulate and empower the community to change to active travel wherever possible by:-

  • Providing information and guidance
  • Implementing local schemes and activities
  • Liaising with the County Council and Welsh Government on appropriate infrastructure
  • Liaising with businesses on sustainable travel opportunities
    Building a library of evidence to further influence policy

How to Measure Success?

A successful active travel strategy will see people of all ages travelling round town by bike, wheelchair or on foot.  As a result, air pollution and traffic congestion will reduce, our health will improve, and the economy will thrive

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Monmouth Bike Rack

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