Community Ritual

A collective response to Climate Emergency through drama

Responding to Climate Emergency

How does the threat of climate emergency affect us? Responses appear to range from, at the one extreme, a state of disbelief or of being oblivious, to on the other hand feelings of doom and a sense of the world heading for overwhelming and irrevocable catastrophe. How do we each sit with that spectrum of possibility? What do we do with whatever awareness we might have? Do we wrap it up and file it tidily in a place where it allows us to carry on our daily lives, do we carry it around as burden of anxiety, or do we live with some sort of continual negotiation with it, moving around the spectrum, finding our way from day to day?

Adapting to Change

We have, over the past year or so, been given a glimpse of both the fragility of the structures that we depend on, and our potential power to make and adapt to extreme changes when we are forced by circumstances. Yet the traumas of the pandemic could be just a tiny taste of what lies in wait; our collective ability and willingness to look this greater danger in the face and to find adequate solutions have yet to be demonstrated.

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Back to Normality

As we strive to return to some sort of normal – something old, something new – we inevitably experience deep stirrings in our minds and hearts, as individuals and as communities; stirred by our recent experiences, stirred by the uncertainties of the present and the future.

Collective Response

In September of this year (all things permitting) Monmouth’s first Climate Future Festival launches itself upon our town. To contribute to this event, I would like to bring together people interested in exploring and sharing these matters and their personal responses, to work together as a group, and to create a dramatic and/or ritual event to present at the festival. Experience or dramatic skills are not prerequisites, just an interest in the themes and a willingness to share.

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I offer my experience and skills as a performer, dramatherapist and environmental arts therapist. My role will be as facilitator, but the end result will be a collective product of the group, and will arise out of what we bring and discover together. Mutual respect, sensitivity and emotional and psychological safety will be prioritised.
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