COP26 and You

Personal and community action to take

18 Ideas to Help Combat Climate Change

Here are 18 local or personal actions you can take to combat climate change and support nature

1. Get Active

On short journeys leave the car behind and walk or cycle. It doen't cost you anything and it's better for your health too.

2. Cycle More

Get that old bike out and get it serviced by one of the local cycle shops. If you want to meet other cycle enthusiasts then join Monmouth Cycling Club

3. Don't Idle

Switch off the engine if you are waiting for the children to come out of school. It's kinder to your lungs and it saves you money too.

4. Love the Wye

The River Wye is severely polluted by run -off from farms and from raw sewage. Join the Friends of the Lower Wye and take action to preserve our river

5. Litter Pick

Join the Monmouth Litter Group on regular outings to prevent the harm caused by litter. It's good exercise, very rewarding and fun when you are in a group.

6. Garden responsibly

Reduce mowing; create a pond and a wild area, plant a tree, make compost, create log piles, adopt no dig techniques to sequester carbon and build soil fertility!

7. Plant wildflowers and trees

Volunteer with local groups e.g. Action on Climate Emergency and Transition Monmouth to improve our green spaces for wildlife.

8. Avoid Peat-based Compost

Peat lands are more efficient carbon sinks than woodland and peat-free composts give great results - or make your own!

9. Reduce business emissions

Search for Chamber of Commerce ‘Net ZeroHub’ or contact the Monmouth Chamber of Commerce on how to get started.

10. Swap banks

Avoid banks funding fossil fuel development. Has your bank been awarded positive marks by Ethical Consumer? Your money has the power to change the world.

11. Invest wisely

Ensure your pension fund is invested in companies that are making positive efforts to reduce their carbon emissions - it's the most powerful thing you can do

12. Free Food

Yes free food! Come and get food saved from landfill at the Monmouth Community Fridge. It's at Bridges Community Centre and open every day.

13. Reduce Meat and Dairy

Experiment with alternatives. Consider using the plate method for a balanced diet. As an alternative try oat milk, especially on porridge - it's a perfect match.

14. Support Local Farmers

Buying produce from local farmers reduces food miles. Look for organic vegetables grown without weed killers and pesticides and free range meat and eggs.

15. Reusable Cups

Reject single use plastic containers. Take your own containers and cups into shops that support reducing plastic waste

16. Reduce, Repair

Reduce consumption by repairing, buying second hand or borrowing. Borrow from the Library of Things, shop at MCC's Re-use Shop or get stuff fixed at the Repair Cafe

17. Help with the ACE Festival

The Climate Future Festival 2021 was very successful. Planning has started already for next year and we need volunteers for various roles!

18. Join local groups

ACE Monmouth and Transition Monmouth are local groups tackling climate change. We need your help. Ideas for new projects and volunteers always encouraged!

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