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Co-Creating with our Children a Sustainable future for all life on Earth

25 Medi 2021 13:00 - 14:00

Zahara Celestial will be joined by Steven England from ‘The Art of Sustainability’ and Julie Binns ‘Therapy with Horses’ for an informal exploration discussion on how as a diverse community we can come together with the new generations to co-Create a Sustainable future for all life on Earth.

Zahara will invite all to come into Circle and share our stories and journey’s together in a Shared Space. She will use the model the Native American People’s used called ‘Talking Stick’ which in contemporary holistic therapeutic circles has been renamed as ‘Active Listening’ and draws on the Quakers model.  Where we listen with open minds and open hearts.

Zahara Steven and Julie will start the Circle Share and then open the space up for the whole circle. With the intention to witness experience explore and celebrate the diversity which is needed to create a sustainable future for all life on Mother Earth.

Zahara ~ ”Sounds of Light”  has spent over 30 years exploring a range of modalities from Politics Environment Art Psychotherapy Metaphysics and Spirituality. She trained in Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy and worked 1:1 and in groups for 20 years in inner City Secondary and Primary Schools with Traumatised children and adolescents. She believes passionately that each diverse approach within Mind-Body-Spirit holds a piece of the puzzle that is needed to Heal the Planet. For diversity is an expression of Gaia. Zahara left mainstream work in schools 5 years ago following her calling as an Artist Healer Seer Wayshower. Since a child she was awake to past lifetime memories with inherent medium and psychic skills. She moved to Monmouth in 2021 after feeling the Spirit of the Land and People calling to co-create Soulful ways to live in Harmony with Gaia leading to the co-creation of the Wellbeing Event as part of this Festival. For more on her work go to www.zaharacelestial.com

Stephen ~ ‘The Art of Sustainability’ (AoS ) which belongs to story of Sustainability stretching  back to the 1950’s and currently as an  Award winning venue of which AoS is an educational outreach. AoS is collaborative bringing together expertise into a single Forum covering systems and behavioural change towards Well Being for all life on Earth. We share a commonality that a different practical approach is needed if we are to negotiate away from ongoing Business-as-Usual crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss and species mass extinction, ocean plastics, covid19 to mention only a few. This will require thinking creatively and taking brave steps both personally and professionally, We will need a “language” therefore the Forum has three: Self (Sustainability begins with your Self), Academic (Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship – ESDGC) and  Corporate

Julie ~ ‘Therapy of Horses’ is qualified as an Equine Guided Learning (EGL) Practitioner through ‘LEAP’ after completing a number of workshops to explore different approaches to EGL – including EponaQuest and EAGALA – and she has also had first-hand experience of the power of equine-based psychotherapy as a client. She has a Certificate in Counselling and having completed introductory courses in Ecopsychology and Good Practice in Autism Education. Julie’s interest in alternative approaches to healing and Ecopsychology has led her to qualify as a Reiki practitioner. She is also an Animal Communicator and she combines this experience to inform hervwork in helping humans and animals to heal. She is interested in pursuing research and further studies into human-animal interactions. She is keen to collaborate with like-minded professionals who share her passion for the natural world and its importance to our wellbeing.

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25 Medi 2021
13:00 - 14:00
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Nelson Garden
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