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charles and henry

Charles and Henry

Join local residents Charles Rolls and Henry V in Agincourt Square for an exclusive interview and to see what they have to say about the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis!

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Co-Creating with our Children a Sustainable future for all life on Earth

An invitation for people to share in Circle as a Diverse Holistic Community to explore how Diversity is needed to bring about Sustainability. Diversity echoes Gaia herself. We need to shift from a dualistic polarising way of living and being. To one in which we can all work together to create a Healthy World with all Natures beings including ourselves. We are Nature.

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faye bradbury

Shamanic Drum Journey to find your animal allies with Faye Bradbury

Come and join Faye Bradbury in a medicine drum journey to find your animal allies. We all have guides and allies that work with us. Some are animals. If you keep seeing a certain animal over and over, there is certainly a message in it for you. This is a great way to access your subconscious brain as the fast and consistent drum beat encourages your brain to enter into an entrained state. In other words, it can drop you into a deep meditative state.

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