Climate Future Festival

Monmouth, 20-26 September 2021

Monmouth’s first Climate Future Festival – the Festival that doesn’t cost the earth – had it all.  Addressing the burning issue of our times, the Climate Emergency, the Festival consisted of 99 events over seven days – debates, presentations from inspirational speakers, thought provoking films and discussions, children’s activities, ways of protecting the natural environment on which we all depend, ways of working with and communicating with nature (and with ourselves), ways in which we can ensure a sustainable food supply, repairing, recycling and upcycling, ways of attending to our well-being.

Informative and Fun

It was a great coming together of the community concerned with making our world a better place for us and for Future Generations, reducing and repairing the environmental damage that we are causing, and at the same time having fun.  It brought much hope to all, and great ideas of what we can all do in our daily lives to lower the carbon footprint of our community.

Building on the Success

We have already started planning on the next festival. The world is in a  Climate Emergency and each of us must do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We are looking for more Monmouth residents to step up and help us organize the next festival. If you want to be involved, even in a limited capacity, please complete the form below. 

Festival Highlights

Photo Galleries

We are very grateful to Hepburn Photography and Rachel Lilly Photography for allowing us to use their wonderful photos. 

Workshops & Activities

During the festival there were a variety of workshops and activities from T-shirt Printing, Making Your Own Compost, Worm Charming, Bicycle Maintenance and much, much more.


A wide range of talks were given by inspirational speakers who have knowledge and expertise on a climate emergency topic.


We had a number of exhibitions and events around the town to explain to residents how they can make a difference towards climate change or the impact it has on our local wildlife.

Green Spaces Zone

A range of exhibitions and workshops that showed how you can protect the environment and nurture wildlife. There were a number of activities in which children got involved.


National and local organisations came to Monmouth and set up stalls in the market car park. Each stall exemplified one of the six themes of the festival.

Wellbeing Zone

A two day Mind, Body, Spirit, Healthy Living event with guided meditations, expert talks, healing therapists, sound baths, drumming circles and yoga sessions.


There are six themes around which the festival was based. Each activity or event highlighted an aspect of at least one of these themes.


Energy. We need it to light our homes and keep us warm in winter. To produce the food we eat. To create the fuel for our cars. We can't do without it but we could use it more wisely. Find out about the alternatives and make the switch to a cleaner energy supply.


"I wish I could stop the destruction of the Amazon rain forest but I can't". But what you can do is look at your own garden and the green spaces that we enjoy locally. Understand ways in which we can use plant life to reduce the impact of climate change and increase the biodiversity of the wildlife around us.


"Here we go. You want me to become a vegan, don't you?" NO!!! But follow the advice on healthy eating - eat local, eat seasonal - and you will be making a big impact on carbon emissions. Enjoy your food and take an interest in where and how it is produced.


As a society we produce a lot of waste. Whether that is household waste, plastic and cardboard packaging, clothes, food and electronic devices. Stop and think about what happens to our waste. How can each of us reduce the amount of waste we produce?


The Covid-19 pandemic forced most of us to stay home and travel less. While this has had little impact on global warming we have the opportunity to re-examine our relationship with the car and alternative forms of transport which are better for the planet.


"I may not have all that I want, but I have all that I need". But yet we shop for more. More stuff. Of course there are things that wear out or break and we need to replace. But shop wisely for items that will last and which are responsibly manufactured.

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The following organisations generously supplied funding for the Climate Future Festival 2021.

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