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Climate Future Festival

Monmouth, 20-26 September 2021

The Festival that doesn't cost the Earth

Climate Future Festival aims to raise awareness of local projects designed to help each of us make  changes to lower the carbon footprint of our community, be more environmentally aware and have fun too! It’s town based and free-to-enter and exhibit.

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What's on?

Community groups, businesses and individuals are coming together from all over Monmouth to share what they are doing to make a difference. Check out the events and activities below. 

Main Events

21 September 2021

Wonastow Ponds

A Talk from Dr Steph Tyler on the diversity of the ponds and their importance in supporting local wildlife
21 September 2021

Dr Emily’s World-Whizzing Facts Show

Join TV Science Superstar and STEM Ambassador Dr Emily Grossman for this fun and interactive science quiz show
22 September 2021

The Health of the River Wye

Come along to the Town Steps, next to the Rowing Club and hear a talk from Angela Jones on the River Wye - a lifetime of swimming (and pollution problems)
24 September 2021

Political debate

Young people will be putting questions to both National and local politicians on key issues of the climate emergency.
24 September 2021

Evening Bat Walk

MonLife and Monmouthshire Bat Group present an evening bat walk to observe these important mammals using habitats around Monmouth.
25 September 2021

Farmers Market

Come and see what local food and drink producers have to offer.
26 September 2021

Electric Vehicle Show

Thinking about making the change to an EV? Come along and find out more.

Activities for Children


Workshops & Activities

During the festival there will be a variety of workshops and activities from T-shirt Printing, Making Your Own Compost, Worm Farm, Bicycle Maintenance and much, much more.


There will be several thought provoking films shown during the festival based on the climate crisis and solutions to it. Entry is FREE.

Green Spaces Zone

A range of exhibitions and workshops that show how you can protect the environment and nurture wildlife. There are ideas for your garden in which children can get involved. Sunday 26th September, Market Car Park.


If you are wondering how you can make a difference towards climate change or the impact it has on our local wildlife then come to the exhibitions in and around the town during festival week.


A wide range of talks from local speakers who have knowledge and expertise on a climate emergency topic. Topics will include 'Beyond Recycling', 'Creating a One Planet Life' and 'Project Drawdown'.

Wellbeing Zone

Two day Mind, Body, Spirit, Healthy Living event with guided meditations, expert talks, healing therapists, sound baths, drumming circles and yoga sessions. With arts and crafts shopping stalls. 25th-26th September, Nelson Garden.


Local businesses and voluntary organisations will have their own stalls in the market car park. Each stall will exemplify one of the six theme of the festival.

Green Living Zone

Shows how we, as individuals, can reduce our impact on the climate. See how each of us can make a difference. Sunday 26th September, in the Marquee by the Market Car Park.


T Shirt Design

Now closed. Come to the T-shirt Printing Workshop and print your favourite design.
£100 PRIZE

Plastic Free Selfie

Visit participating local businesses and take a selfie outside then post them to social media. It's free to enter and has a £50 cash prize.


Events and activities are happening all over Monmouth. Click on an item to find out more.

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Everyone's invited so get involved!


There are many ways you can help by volunteering. Whether it's planting trees, helping at events or providing your skills we would very much appreciate your help.

Local Businesses

If you have a local business with a reducing carbon strategy and want to be involved then please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Community Groups

Community groups are key in tackling climate change. Find out what people are doing below. If you want your community group to be involved please get in touch.


There are six themes around which the festival is based. Each activity or event will highlight an aspect of at least one of these themes.


Energy. We need it to light our homes and keep us warm in winter. To produce the food we eat. To create the fuel for our cars. We can't do without it but we could use it more wisely. Find out about the alternatives and make the switch to a cleaner energy supply.


"I wish I could stop the destruction of the Amazon rain forest but I can't". But what you can do is look at your own garden and the green spaces that we enjoy locally. Understand ways in which we can use plant life to reduce the impact of climate change and increase the biodiversity of the wildlife around us.


"Here we go. You want me to become a vegan, don't you?" NO!!! But follow the advice on healthy eating - eat local, eat seasonal - and you will be making a big impact on carbon emissions. Enjoy your food and take an interest in where and how it is produced.


As a society we produce a lot of waste. Whether that is household waste, plastic and cardboard packaging, clothes, food and electronic devices. Stop and think about what happens to our waste. How can each of us reduce the amount of waste we produce?


The Covid-19 pandemic forced most of us to stay home and travel less. While this has had little impact on global warming we have the opportunity to re-examine our relationship with the car and alternative forms of transport which are better for the planet.


"I may not have all that I want, but I have all that I need". But yet we shop for more. More stuff. Of course there are things that wear out or break and we need to replace. But shop wisely for items that will last and which are responsibly manufactured.

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