Climate Future Festival

Monmouth, 20-26 September 2021

Monmouth’s first Climate Future Festival – the Festival that doesn’t cost the earth – had it all.  Addressing the burning issue of our times, the Climate Emergency, the Festival consisted of 99 events over seven days – debates, presentations from inspirational speakers, thought provoking films and discussions, children’s activities, ways of protecting the natural environment on which we all depend, ways of working with and communicating with nature (and with ourselves), ways in which we can ensure a sustainable food supply, repairing, recycling and upcycling, ways of attending to our well-being.

Building on the Success

We have already started planning on the next festival. The world is in a  Climate Emergency and each of us must do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We are looking for more Monmouth residents to step up and help us organize the next festival. If you want to be involved, even in a limited capacity, please complete the form below. 

Climate Future Festival 2021

Find out more about the very first successful Climate Future Festival in September 2021


Templates and links to resources for marketing for Climate Future Festival Committee members (password protected)

Get involved

If you want to get involved with the organizing the next Climate Future Festival please complete the form below