Activities for Children

19 September 2021

Apple Pressing in Wyesham

Come and experience a community apple pressing, see how it's done and join in the fun.
23 September 2021

Rang Tan crafts and performance

Do you know what's in your shampoo, soap, chocolate and more? Rang Tan the Orang Utan does, and she's not too pleased...
24 September 2021

Evening Bat Walk

MonLife and Monmouthshire Bat Group present an evening bat walk to observe these important mammals using habitats around Monmouth.
25 September 2021

T-Shirt Printing Workshop

Our take on the festival T-shirt stall!
25 September – 26 September 2021

Recycled Garden Bugs

An exhibition of small recycled metal bugs, made out of waste materials, hidden in a garden somewhere.
25 September 2021

Wooden Paint By Numbers Art Activity

Join Beck and Faye from Priormade to help paint a large wooden Paint by Numbers picture
25 September 2021

STEM Go-cart Workshop and Race

Come along, build, race or spectate at Lemmiout Activites Go-cart Stem project. Exciting and innovative sustainable activities for ages 8 up to adult.
26 September 2021

Our Green Spaces

Our Green Spaces has been busy on a number of projects around Monmouth. Come along to our stall and find out more.
26 September 2021

Monmouth Skatejam

Opening of Lottery Funded Drinking Fountain and Skatejam
26 September 2021

Moth Trap Opening

Opening of the overnight moth trap and revealing what's inside
26 September 2021

Hedgehog Friendly Gardens

Discover how to make gardens ‘hedgehog friendly’, and help reverse the steep decline in numbers of the UK’s most loved mammal.
26 September 2021

Wye and Usk Foundation

Find out about the invertebrates and other creatures that live in the Monnow
26 September 2021

Hoverfly Lagoons

Hoverfly Lagoons are artificial bodies of water that some hoverflies use as a breeding site. They are cheap and simple to make and children will enjoy looking for larvae of hoverflies.
26 September 2021

Monmouth Cycling Club

We offer a range of activities for all ages and abilities from family-friendly trail riding to mountain and road biking.
26 September 2021

Gwent Wildlife Trust

Exploring Natural Solutions: If we look after nature, it will look after us. Find out what you can do for nature near you
26 September 2021

Worm Charming

An activity that children will love. Discover the ancient mystical art of worm charming and learn about the importance of these humble creatures.