Lifestyle Changes

What difference can I make to carbon emissions?

Know Your Carbon Footprint

The demands made by each and every one of us are far too much for our planet. Adopting simple, sustainable lifestyle changes can help to make a huge difference.

But first you need to know what your carbon footprint is. Take this short questionnaire to find out. 

pasta dish
Eat More Sustainably

Food production is responsible for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing the planet to warm far too quickly. If we want a healthy planet, we all need to be smarter about what we eat and how it’s produced. And ensure that any food waste is put in the food bin because as it breaks down we can harvest clean biogas energy from it.

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Nature and Wildlife

Sadly, intensive farming is a major driver of wildlife extinction. That's because we use intensive farming practices which involve the use of pesticides and weedkillers on crops, and treating animals with excessive doses of antibiotics and other medications. These chemicals kill the natural food source of our wildlife leading to their decline. You can get directly involved in nurturing and protecting our wildlife.

reduce reuse recycle
Reduce Waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Take fewer trips to the dump. Rather than throw something away see if someone else can use it - social media is a great way to find someone who needs that item that you are wanting to get rid of. If it's broken then try and get it fixed (Monmouth has a Repair Cafe!). Or see if it can be re-purposed in some way. Don't know how? Search on YouTube because someone will have made a video of it!

led light bulb
Save Energy

There are some quick wins like unplugging your electronics and electrical appliances instead of leaving them on standby mode. Turning off the lights we all know saves electricity but fitting LED bulbs throughout the house will reduce the electricity you use on lighting by 90%. Turning the thermostat down, spending less time in the shower and drawing your curtains after dark are good tips too.

shop local
Shop Local

Take a good look at all the stuff you have. Do you really need it? When was the last time you wore that sweater? Does it bring you joy? Clear out the stuff you don't use and take it to the charity shop. Try and shop more wisely and buy good quality items that will last.

car travel

Travelling by plane or in a petrol / diesel car produces a lot of carbon emissions. We can change how we travel, choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport where possible instead of driving; and fly less. Choose to go on holiday by train instead of flying - it's also much more relaxing and you get to see the countryside, towns and villages.