meeting notes

ACE Open Meeting Notes 15 May 2024

Meeting Title: ACE Monmouth Open Meeting

Meeting date and time: 15th May 2024, 7.30pm

Venue Details: Zoom

Present: Simon Cook, Vivien Mitchell, Fiona Wilcock, Charles Emes, Sarah Read, Jess Long, Jem Jenkins-Jones, Chris Seabury, Chloe Constable

Apologies: Rebecca Cunningham, Clare Catto, Karen Cornish, Bryan Miller, Claudia Blair, Cherry Taylor, Peter Davies

Agenda and Notes

  1. Welcome and apologies for absence
  1. Monmouth Town Council partnership

Charles explained that he met with Genevieve Baker, the new marketing representative from Monmouth Town Council, to introduce ACE and discuss upcoming events. As one of the partners of Monmouth Town Council, ACE meetings and events (including Monmouth Feast: Food for Thought on 30th June) will be featured in a newsletter sent out by Genevieve. She will also inform ACE of upcoming events that we could participate in.

  1. Bee Festival

ACE have been invited to have a stall at the Monmouth Bee Festival on 22nd June at Nelson Gardens.
Fiona suggested this would be a good opportunity to raise awareness and hand out flyers for the Monmouth Feast: Food for Thought event the following week. Jem mentioned she is available to help on the day.

Action: Charles will respond to Bees for Development about attending the event. If anyone else can help on the stall, please contact:

  1. Medieval Festival

Monmouth Town Council is hosting ‘Henry Fest,’ Monmouth’s Medieval Festival, on 12th & 13th August. It was discussed whether ACE should attend; however, although there will likely be many people attending, it was agreed that ACE would not participate.

  1. Update from Repair Cafe

The Repair Cafe continues to see good attendance and support from volunteers.

  1. Update on School Gardens project

Rebecca Cunningham has encouraged Redbrook Primary to take the next steps to join the project – fantastic news! Osbaston School has also gotten in touch with Charles to ask about funding. ACE will support schools with items such as compost, seeds, raised beds, tools and books through funding from Virador.

Action: If you’re aware of any schools in Monmouth and the surrounding area that would like to take part in the Schools garden project and create gardens to help children learn about gardening and growing food, contact:

  1. Monmouth Feast: Food for Thought event: 30th June
  • A leaflet is being designed with a QR code which links to the webpage for the event:
  • The website has a link to Eventbrite, so people can choose beforehand if they would like either a meat or a veggie option at the event. Currently the event is set to 250 attendees on Eventbrite with a 50/50 split between the two food choices, but this can be amended once people start booking if necessary.
  • Fiona asked for a copy of the flyer to take to the Monmouth Food Partnership meeting held next week so they could share the information too.
  • The logistics of having a hog roast as the meat option at the event was discussed as Jessi from Monmouthshire Fayre has offered a piglet. It was agreed to contact Regen Ben, who handled the hog roast for the Six Inches of Soil screening, to explore this option again. Additionally, The Greyhound Inn in Usk may have contacts for companies that can assist with the hog roast.
  • Further discussion took place about the fine details of the event after the meeting.

Action: Volunteers welcome to get involved in planning or helping out on the day contact:!

  1. AOB
  • Sarah provided an update on the Biodiversity project, which has been set in motion with its first meeting, and another meeting is scheduled for next week.
  • Chris, Jen and Jess volunteered to help out on the ACE stall at the Habs Sustainability Conference which is taking place on the 1st July, the day after the Monmouth Feast event, and Nicky explained the planned outline of the day.
  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday June 25th, via Zoom, 7:30pm.

Opportunities for Action:

Doing small things together makes a big difference. This is your chance to take action on the climate and nature emergencies! Help is needed with the following tasks:

  • ACE needs more volunteers to help with the “Monmouth Feast: Food for Thought” event on 30th June from at Haberdashers Girls School

If you would like to get involved in this, or any other elements of ACE, please email