Action on Climate Emergency

Your Community, Your Town, Your Future

What is ACE Monmouth

ACE Monmouth is a community group responding to the challenge of climate change by bringing people together. It hosts events, runs projects, shares information and works with other local groups on initiatives that will make a difference to all our futures.

Funded as a Monmouth Town Council Partnership, this not-for-profit organisation has its own constitution and is a managed by local residents as volunteers.

Everyone is welcome to join in. There are lots of exciting initiatives underway and planned and many opportunities for people to participate. If you have an idea that falls under our six themes then please do get in touch.
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Back in 2019

In response to Monmouth Town Council declaring a Climate Emergency, ACE Monmouth was set up in 2019 as a working group of the Town Council. It attracted a large and enthusiastic group of local residents to take Action on the Climate Emergency. It has now entered a partnership agreement with the Town Council which is providing funding up until April 2025.

Action Plan

ACE has agreed an Action Plan with Monmouth Town Council that outlines a series of activities to be undertaken by both ACE and the Town Council itself.

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