Repair Cafe Monmouth

Fixing household items for free in order to reduce waste

Repair Café Monmouth holds monthly events where volunteers fix household items for free in order to reduce waste, teach skills and bring the community together. At these events, volunteers repairs items such as toasters, kettles, vacuum cleaners, jeans, bags, shirts, toys, ornaments and bikes.

The Monmouth Repair Cafe is one of many in Wales that operates under the umbrella of Repair Cafe Wales.  It started in 2020 and is going from strength to strength.

Events are usually held at the Rockfield Community Centre (but please check the latest event info for details, as this may change from time to time). If you have something that needs a repair, do bring it along to the next event.

There is quite a long list of organizational tasks that need to be completed to run the Repair Cafe effectively. We need more volunteers to help with these tasks so please consider whether you can help, even if only in a small way. Also, if you would like to join the team as a repairer or a helper, please contact Everyone is welcome.

The Repair Cafe is part of the Welsh Government initiative on the Circular Economy.

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What People Are Saying

Hi, I'm looking to collect broken, old or otherwise unwanted laptops. I repair, reuse and refurbish what I can. Anything that's left that I can't use, I pass on to a friend, who goes a step further than me and reclaims the metals and raw materials from circuit boards and chips.
I'll be there with yet another floor lamp! Thank you for fixing the last one 😃 ❤
I'm looking forward to some new challenges as a repairer.

Come to the next one