Repair Cafe Monmouth

Fixing household items for free in order to reduce waste

Repair Cafes tend to be monthly events where volunteers fix household items for free in order to reduce waste, teach skills and bring the community together – repairing items such as toasters, kettles, vacuum cleaners, jeans, bags, shirts, toys, ornaments and bikes. 

The Monmouth Repair Cafe is one of 50 in Wales that operates under the umbrella of Repair Cafe Wales.  Unfortunately our first event in February 2020 was cancelled because of the floods that hit Monmouth, the second was a great success, and then Covid-19 struck. 

We are delighted to announce that the Repair Cafe has restarted and is being held regularly at Rockfield Community Centre. The Repair Cafe is part of the Welsh Government initiative on the Circular Economy and working alongside a Library of Things and the Monmouth Community Fridge.

What People Are Saying

I hope there are people out there still considering the repair option rather than the route to landfill. I would be interested in helping to repair and if not able, to recycle electrical goods rather than tossing them away. I know it is always tempting to upgrade with new rather than keeping things going, but it can be really satisfying giving things another lease of life.
Gerry Ashton
Hi, I'm looking to collect broken, old or otherwise unwanted laptops. I repair, reuse and refurbish what I can. Anything that's left that I can't use, I pass on to a friend, who goes a step further than me and reclaims the metals and raw materials from circuit boards and chips.
Richard McKenney
I'll be there with yet another floor lamp! Thank you for fixing the last one 😃 ❤
Vivien Mitchell
I'm looking forward to some new challenges as a repairer.
Richard Cotterill

Come to the next one

Repair cafe fan
Bring along items that need repair and our skilled volunteers will attempt to repair it.
18 December 2022
14:00pm - 16:00pm
Rockfield Community Centre
25 Cornwallis Way
Monmouth, NP25 5DN