meeting notes

ACE AGM Meeting Notes 16 April 2024

Meeting Title: ACE Monmouth AGM Meeting
Meeting date and time: 16th April 2024, 7pm
Venue Details: Zoom

Present: Cherry Taylor, Rebecca Cunningham, Charles Emes, Sarah Read, Vivien Mitchell, Ben Leppier, Bryan Miller, Jess Long, Haydn Cullen-Jones

Apologies: Katharine Pitts-Tucker, Nicola Awni, Clare Catto, Peter Davies

Agenda and Notes

1. Welcome and apologies for absence

2. Chair’s Report

Charles presented the Chair’s report which is available here. He thanked Cherry and Paul Trotter for all of their efforts in the year with marketing of events. Thanks to Cherry for also managing the ACE Facebook group and to all ACE members who post and comment on Facebook which has helped with nearly doubling of members to 405.

ACE organised a number of talks during 2024 with the highlights being the ACE Festival in September and the Seed Swap in February this year. Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who made these events a success.
Special thanks go to

  • the Repair Cafe team for running the successful monthly Repair Cafes during the year
  • Jen Bara for organising the Overmonnow School bike check up where 41 bikes were made roadworthy
  • Cherry and Ben Taylor Davies for initiating the Farmers Mentoring scheme which has 3 farmers in Monmouthshire actively receiving mentoring. The full report on the mentoring programme is available here
  • Nicky James, on behalf of Size of Wales with her initiative to make Monmouth the first deforestation free town in the UK
  • Transition Monmouth and Heritage Seed Library for their help and support with the Seed Swap
  • Cheryl Cummings, Cherry, Jen and Sam for offering to mentor 4 residents to make their gardens more sustainable
  • Jen Bara and Karen Cornish who have constructed raised beds at Trellech School for the children to learn about growing food and vegetables (supported through funds from Viridor). Little Einsteins nursery and Monmouth Comprehensive will be applying for funds shortly.

Action: Charles to distribute the report to school heads, Monmouth Rotary, Chamber of Commerce to offer funding for eco projects.

3. Treasurers Report

Sarah Read ran through the Treasurers Report which is at the end of the Chair’s report. As at 31 March 2024 our current cash balance is £20,609. There are two ring-fenced funds: Viridor School Gardens of £2,547 and Farmers mentoring of £6,828 with remaining funds to spend of £11,235.

4. Election of Officers

The current officers stood down from their roles and were thanked for their efforts over the past year. No nominations had been received for the posts of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Charles nominated Sarah Read to be Treasurer and Clare Catto and Jess Long to jointly take on the role of Secretary. Sarah nominated Charles to be Chair. The nominations where seconded by Cherry. The officers were duly voted into their roles by unanimous show of hands.
The new ACE offices are now
Charles Emes, Chair
Sarah Read, Treasurer
Clare Catto and Jess Long, joint Secretary

5. Six Inches of Soil Screening

The Six Inches of Soil screening is fully booked! The demand exceeded expectations! Thanks to Katja, Natasha and Cherry for organising the screening and the debate that follows.

The Savoy Theatre has contacted ACE about promoting the screening of the film “Wilding” at the Savoy. Action: Charles to follow up and agree a date

6. Haberdashers School Sustainability Conference

The Haberdashers School will be holding a Sustainability Conference on Jun 30 – July 2 at the Girls School. ACE will be managing the Sunday event which unfortunately clashes with the Carnival. After discussion with Martin and Laura, ACE has decided to put on an afternoon / late evening event: ACE Community Conversations – Focus on Food.
The programme is being finalised and will include Osbaston School children giving a presentation on deforestation-free school meals followed by a panel discussion. We are hoping to invite a minister from the Welsh Assembly to award badges. There will be film screenings and short talks about food production, eating more sustainably and reducing food waste.

Action: All – help will be needed in organising the event and volunteers on the day

7. AOB

No other business was raised.

8. Date of next meeting

Wednesday May 15th, via Zoom, 7:30pm.

Opportunities for Action:
Doing small things together makes a big difference. This is your chance to take action on the climate and nature emergencies! Help is needed with the following tasks:
• ACE needs more volunteers to help with the “ACE Community Conversations – Focus on Food” event on 30th June from 3:00pm to 7:30pm at Haberdashers Girls School

If you would like to get involved in this, or any other elements of ACE, please email