meeting notes

ACE Meeting Notes From 1 August

Current Ongoing Projects

Repair Cafe
Runs the third Sunday of every month at Rockfield Community. They are in need of additional volunteers as well as support with marketing and admin. The next event is at 2pm on Sunday 21st at the Rockfield Community Centre. I will do a push on social media this week but any additional shares would be appreciated.

In September we are planning a relaunch to raise it’s profile, this is to be done in conjunction with completion of their new marketing material, to include artwork for social media promotion and printed posters, two feathers and a banner to be placed on the railings at Chippenham Park. With Paul having taken a temporary step back this work will be undertaken by Wye Media, overseen by myself but approved by Paul.

Beictown 2022 was another success, we will be running again next year but with a view to making some changes. Planning for Beictown 2023 will commence in January 2023.

Eco Festival
Due to changes within the group and the pending Action Plan meeting Climate Festival 2022 was postponed, we will however be holding a festival in the summer of 2023. Initial brainstorming to be undertaken in November 2022 with planning commencing in January 2023. Since our meeting Size of Wales have expressed an interest in being part of this – to explore.

Projects To Explore/Initiate in 2022

Pre Loved School Uniforms
Working with local schools and parents to create a termly/annual event supplying free pre loved uniforms to the local community. Whilst we wouldn’t hold an event in 2022, research and contact with schools etc would need to start in September 2022 in order for enough uniforms to be collected prior to events to be held in 2023.

Rolling Events Programme
With current volunteer levels low we will be running a number of small events achievable within our resources, these will offer advice and insight into a varying number of areas from eco friendly household products, to insulation, deforestation free products etc. Ideally we would like to hold at least one if not two of these events before the end of the year.

Youth Projects and Partnerships
We have loosely explored working with local youth groups, schools and the potential creation of an ACE youth group, led by young people but overseen by ACE. Tom has informed us that the Haberdashers schools are interested in creating stronger links with the town. This year we will concentrate on building relationships with schools with a view to working on joint projects next year.

Community Energy Project
Refuge for those struggling with fuel poverty this winter. Organised by Gwent Energy CIC. To be looked in to prior to the next meeting.

Projects for 2023
Ideas yet to explore in further detail.
Speaker Events
Sustainable Food Chains
Plastic Free Monmouth

Monmouth Town Council Driven Incentives
Employment of Sustainability Officer
Proposal letter sent with the hope it could be reviewed ahead of our Action Plan Meeting. This was not possible as no council meeting was to be held in August. Letter will be resubmitted alongside additional supporting paperwork a week prior to the September meeting.
Sustainable Procurement
Commit to a deforestation free and ethical approach. • Train procurement teams in due diligence processes. • Implement due diligence processes in their procurement practice to ensure forest risk commodities are addressed
Finance and Investment
Ensuring investments and pensions are with ethical companies
MTC Owned Land
To ensure any land is utilised in an environmentally friendly way. For example the old skate
park which could be turned into a community greenspace
Offsetting Pollution from Dual Carriageway
Where possible plant trees and create greenspaces to offset car pollution, in particular near the schools
Creation of More Community Growing Spaces and Gardens
To include reviewing taking over the allotments from MCC to ensure they are being fully utilised.

Additional areas to be discussed in the next meeting.

For the foreseeable future we do not have an in house marketing or design team. Projects currently underway include marketing material for the relaunch of The Repair Cafe and the Welsh and English ACE banner will be taken over by Wye Media. Cost to be confirmed.

It is imperative we start raising our profile through social media, local publications and by attending events that compliment our objectives. This will need a planned and consistent approach, further discussion needed at the next meeting. In the meantime the Monmouthshire Beacon and Monnow Voice will be approached to discuss potential ideas.

We recognise our partnership with the town council, other organisations and community groups is key for us. As a small group, albeit with big ideas and funding behind us, working alongside others will allow ACE to deliver projects that would be potentially unachievable on our own.

This relationship with other organisations can ensure that each project is delivered by the group best equipped to do so and highlight when a joint partnership would be advantageous.

This would include ideas such as:
A nappy library – would work in well with Benthyg’s plans for the future.
Development of old skate park – As a greenspace project this is in line with Transitions work so could lend itself to a joint project.