meeting notes

ACE Meeting Notes From 24 May

Notes of meeting held on 24 May at St James Hall, Wyesham

Present: Charles Emes, Haydn Cullen-Jones, Cherry Taylor, Vivien Mitchell, Jem Jenkins-Jones, Jonathan Seddon-Harvey, Paul Trotter, Dan Damon, Barbara Cotterill, Richard Cotterill, Anthea Dewhurst
Apologies: Claudia Blair, Kelly Jackson-Graham, Bryan Miller, Clare Catto, Emma Bryn, Catrin Maby, Liz Williams, Sue Parkinson
Note taker: Vivien Mitchell

Position of Chair: It is with great regret that Claudia Blair is having to step down from her role as Chair. She will stay on until a new Chair is in place. We therefore have to notify all members of the vacancy and invite nominations before 14 June in order to elect a new Chair at our meeting on . In Claudia’s absence, Haydn Cullen-Jones took the Chair

Finance Procedure: Charles Emes reported that about £4,200 was in the bank. The transfer of ownership of the two ACE Festival accounts is proceeding, albeit slowly.

House Style Development: Cherry Taylor and Paul Trotter brought us up to date on:-

A mural as a permanent display: A number of possible sites (the bridge on the allotment road, the nearby underpass, the Blestium Street toilet block) are under consideration and members were urged to suggest other possibilities. If appropriate, the chosen artist could be Danielle Farrington. Involvement from school children in the design is envisaged
Typefaces: The chosen ones are Lato and Roboto – both free of charge from Google
Colours: Apart from the existing two shades of green, those chosen include orange, light blue, a very fresh green together with shades of grey rather than black
Visual design: Anyone wishing to be involved should contact Cherry or Paul. Sessions are likely to be at short notice and on zoom. Current members are Cherry, Paul, Dilly Boase, Nanette Hepburn, Haydn and Vivien.
Branded Items for Beictown: For the design work Wye Media was chosen at a cost of £844.80. Cherry and Paul gave examples of costs for the production of various items; specific costs are being obtained
Work on a poster, feathers and banners for the Repair Café will start shortly; it was requested that members of the Repair Café be involved
This will be followed by materials for the ACE Festival along with other more generic items
If you would like to be involved in any way with any of these and future marketing developments, please contact Cherry or Paul
ACE Monmouth Action Plan: We need to present a plan of action to the Town Council in September 2022. Haydn suggested the themes raised by the questions submitted for the Hustings, viz:

  • River pollution – engaging with local farmers, work with Peter Fox AM, lobbying for better control of water companies to stop sewage outflows
  • Engaging with the newly enfranchised 16/17 year olds: Oliver Fookes has been asked to participate re development of the school curriculum on the political system and citizens’ responsibilities, presentations for both primary and secondary schools, work with school eco committees, recruit an ACE Youth section
  • Transport: Lobby for inclusion on the South Wales Metro, lobby National Express to resume stopping in Monmouth – develop the appropriate stopping places, satisfy the need for students to travel to Hereford and Coleg Gwent, free student bus passes
  • Business rates/wrappings/recycling: Use business rates as a lever to reduce packaging, plastics, non-recyclables. Make the polluter pay
  • Fuel poverty: Retro fitting insulation in walls and lofts, maintain subsidies for PV installations, improve standards of social housing (Solcer House)

To these 5 we added:

  • Farming
  • Sustainable living – which we might make the theme for the ACE Festival

Action: Development of the Action Plan to be the main agenda item for our next meeting

Welsh Language: Parts of our website are already in Welsh and we understand the request from the Repair Café for Welsh language versions. Regarding publicity and other materials in general, it was agreed that, with our limited resources, we should do what we can when we can. Haydn explained that under the WBFG Act, use of Welsh is not a legal requirement.

Paying for professional services: Our volunteers give their professional services free of charge. However, there are instances where they are unable to do this as the cost to them personally is too high. It was agreed they should indeed be paid for their work but this needs to be agreed beforehand and the ‘going rate’ ascertained.

EcoWonnow: Dan Damon explained that on the advice of the farming community, this has been postponed to September when it would be beneficial to form part of the ACE Festival

River Festival: Saturday 28 May on the Green near the Old Monnow Bridge: Set up of the ACE and Transition stalls, starting at 10am will be undertaken by Charles, Dan, Haydn and Mike Dunsbee. Action: Vivien to arrange cover throughout the day until 5pm.
Discussion of other events was deferred to the next meeting

Any other business: Haydn reported on progress regarding acquisition of the Redbrook Road site for conversion to a community orchard

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 28 June at 7.30 via Zoom.
Dan suggested we might like to use church premises for some of our face to face meetings. Thank you, Dan!

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 28 June at 7.30 via Zoom.
Dan suggested we might like to use church premises for some of our face to face meetings.  Thank you, Dan!