meeting notes

ACE Meeting Notes From 31 October

Present: Rebecca Cunningham,Charles Emes, Haydn Cullen-Jones, Cherry Taylor, Dan Damon, Barbara Cotterill, Richard Cotterill, Paul Henson, Paul Glinny, Alison Ellis, Mary Boase, Jonathan Seddon-Harvey

Apologies: Clare Catto,Sue Parkinson, Paul Trotter, Carl Touhig, Martin Sweeney

Note taker: Charles Emes

Position of Chair: Rebecca Cunningham resigned as Chair 6 weeks ago to focus on her role as ACE Project Officer. Nominations for the role of Chair were invited and Cherry Taylor was proposed. Cherry was unanimously voted in as Chair by all those present.

Action Plan Update: Cherry reported on the informal meeting that ACE had with a sub-group of Town Councillors to review the Action Plan. A revised version was discussed at the full Town Council meeting on 24 October and adopted in principle. The second instalment of ACE funds for 2022 was agreed. The position of Community Liaison and Sustainability Officer was discussed and the Town Council agreed that it deserved further consideration.

The action plan also set out the need for audits to determine a benchmark position by which both ACE and MTC could measure progress.

ACE activities will continue to be centered around the 6 themes used at the 2021 Climate Festival

Energy: South East Wales are keen to work with us on “Energy Surgeries” to give people tips on how to save energy and keep warm. ACE has discussed the option of providing information to people attending Bridges’ “Warm Welcome” events this winter. Rebecca to contact Ty Price and The Baptist Church to discuss offering something similar at their Warm Spaces sessions.

Food: ACE is now part of The Sustainable Food Partnership steering group, with meetings to be held monthly. As part of this scheme, Marianne Fisher of Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) held a talk in Usk on Strengthening Local Food Systems. Rebecca is in discussions for ACE to host something similar in Monmouth.

Waste: On 20 November there will be a soft re-launch of the Repair Cafe with the new markeing material ACE has produced. The need for some A5 leaflets to distribute around town was identified as a one-off to support the launch and will be auctioned by Cherry

Action: Charles Eames to invite Steve Garrett (councillor for Overmonnow) along to show support and perhaps get a photo in the Beacon. Rebecca to contact the Beacon about a press release.

Transport: Jen Bara will organise Beictown again in 2023 following the very successful event held this year. Dates to be discussed at the next meeting.

Dylan (an 8 year old at Overmonnow school) created a poster to remind parents to switch off their car engines while waiting. ACE paid for the banner to be printed and it is now on full display outside the school. This anti-idlying campaign is an area ACE will work on with the Town Council in 2023r.

MTC has agreed to assess to current situation with buses.

Buying: ACE is providing advice about responsible purchasing by residents through events and social media. MTC are also tasked to review their procurement and investment policies to ensure they are sustainable and climate friendly.

Nature: There was some discussion and clarification around the difference between ACE and Transition. Some ACE members are also members of Transition and both organisations support each other where appropriate. ACE focuses on campaigns and events, rwhereas Transition is focussed more on long-term project.

Projects: ACE aims to make Monmouth Deforestation Free according to the Size of Wales initiative. Osbaston Primary School had already achieved that status. ACE would like to see that expand to other schools, businesses and groups to ensure products and purchases are not contributing to deforestation.

Social Media: Cherry proposed that ACE change its current Facebook Group to a public one because it offered more advantages for growth and engagement with the local community. The only way to do this is to start a new group and direct people from the old group to the new one. Cherry emphasised the importance of liking and commenting on posts on all the ACE family of social media accounts as this improves engagement with group members and Page followers.

Any other business: Haydn provided an update on the Redbrook Road Community Orchard and some building issues happening at Bridges.

Date of next meeting: 7pm, 15 November, Rockfield Community Centre


  • Introductions
  • Apologies for absence
  • Note taker
  • Agree minutes of last meeting
  • Project Update
  • Marketing update to include website and social media
  • Members and volunteer update
  • Climate Festival 2023 
  • Beictown 2023 
  • Any other business
  • Date for next meeting/informal Christmas get together