Celebrating pedal power in Monmouth

Beictown 2021

Since the onset of the pandemic we have witnessed a huge resurgence in cycling – with more people commuting to work, school and for shopping.

To encourage cycling still further, Bike-Friendly held a very successful event in Monmouth on Sunday 27th June.

We would like to thank Rachel Lilly for allowing us to use her wonderful photographs.

Vintage Cycle Ride

Passers-by cheered a merry group of cyclists along Monmouth high street on Sunday 27th June.
The Honeysuckle Vintage Ride was truly a glorious sight, featuring all kinds of bicycles and vintage-inspired outfits. Let’s face it - it’s not every day you have the opportunity to bring out your tweed plus fours or 50’s dress & head scarf combo.
Prizes for best-dressed were awarded by Mayor Terry Christopher. The charity ride heralded the start of ‘Beictown’ – a day of cycling celebration organised by Bike-Friendly Monmouth.

Bike Repair and Security

As part of the event, Monmouth Town Council funded a mobile mechanics service (aka Dr Bike) from Cycle Training Wales who checked and repaired 58 bicycles for local residents.

Thanks to Gwent Police, 30 bicycles were protected from theft with application of the forensic marker ‘SmartWater’.


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We really embraced cycling during lockdown but the bike was second hand and very squeaky. Dr Bike sorted the squeak, sorted a buckled wheel and gave the bike a general overhaul. It was beyond my skills so I really appreciated having the experts on hand to help. We then spoke with Gwent Police and registered the bike to help against theft.


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