Tag: Environment

tomorrow demain

Tomorrow / Demain

A joyful message of hope for a better, greener and more sustainable future by journalist Cyril Dion and actor and filmmaker Melanie Laurent. Showing at The Blake Theatre, free entry.

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Creation praise

Community All age Creation Praise

A community focused open-air event led by people from churches in Monmouth. Aimed at toddlers and their families, suitable for all ages, celebrating creation and caring for God’s world. Indoor facilities if the weather is bad

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worm charming

Worm Charming

An activity that children will love. Discover the ancient mystical art of worm charming and learn about the importance of these humble creatures.

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rotary club monmouth

Rotary Club Monmouth

Come and visit us and see what Rotary Monmouth and Rotary Monmouth Community Champions have been doing in and around Monmouth.

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