Our Green Spaces

Fighting climate change effects with nature

Our Green Spaces

Our Green Spaces, established in 2019,  has two main aims. Firstly to mitigate the effects of climate change by planting more trees, hedgerows and wildflower meadows. Secondly to increase biodiversity because birds and wildlife have been devastated by the effects of climate change, intensive farming and use of pesticides and weed killers.

Vauxhall Fields

In November 2016 the Friends of Vauxhall Fields planted saplings donated by the Woodland Trust. Many of the trees on this one acre site have survived, particularly the silver birch, but also rowan, oak and hawthorn.

With advice from Mark Cleaver (of Monmouthshire County Council) we held working parties to clear undergrowth from around the trees and then apply a thick layer of mulch. This will help the trees to thrive in the coming years.  

vauxhall fields
Monmouth Comprehensive Helpers

Monmouth Comprehensive

Transition Monmouth has made a start on creating a new wildflower meadow and No Dig Kitchen Garden in the open access area of the school, and we have helped with this work. The entire school site will be developed in compliance with the Well Being of Future Generations Act for sustainability, resilience, biodiversity and flood prevention.

Much of the work, apart from a bit of hedge planting this winter, has been held up by Covid-19 restrictions but we have participated in several site visits to identify areas for hedgerows, an apple orchard, trees, a wet meadow, a composting area for green waste produced on site, and further wildflower areas.

Community Gardens

Keep Wales Tidy offered a development package designed for.a local community garden. Our Green Spaces completed the application against a tight deadline.  A wildlife garden package for Wyesham Community Garden (at Kymin View School) was obtained and we completed installation in late autumn 2020. Children from the local toddler group have enjoyed planting wildflower seeds.

A further package to establish a fruit garden has been awarded to the Rockfield Park Community Garden.

Wyesham Community Garden

Our Green Spaces has been awarded a grant from Monmouthshire and Newport Local Nature Partnership to improve the biodiversity of the birds and wildlife who live amongst us. We plan to achieve this by involving the community in filming birds nesting. The video obtained will be posted to this web site so that local residents can enjoy a close up view. 

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